Try these 8 unique ways to add protein powder to everyday foods.

Instead of sticking to the same protein smoothie every day, branch out by trying the following recipes to get a daily allotment of protein powder.

For an alternative, protein-filled breakfast, cook up protein pancakes using 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites beat together with a scoop of protein powder until reaching a batter-like consistency.

Protein powder can be used to enhance the flavor of oatmeal. Simply add a scoop of the desired protein flavor to cooled, plain cooked oats.

Add a boost of protein and flavor to your hot cocoa to make it nutritious and delicious.

Make a quick snack by mixing protein powder into peanut butter and cooling in the fridge to make peanut butter balls.

Tangy ranch dip can result from folding in a scoop of protein powder to ranch dressing seasoning and mixing it with Greek yogurt.

Whisk up a quick banana pudding dessert using banana-flavored protein powder to add some extra flavor to Greek yogurt. Use 1 cup of protein powder for every cup of yogurt.

Add vanilla protein powder to your coffee for an instant latte that gives you energy to boot.

Make a healthy spin on chocolate cheesecake by mixing chocolate protein powder with cottage cheese.