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Promotional Exclusions

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Excluded Brands:

A small number of brands request that we exclude them from our Sales. We value and respect our relationship with them and as such, the below brands are not included in our promotions:

Bioderma, Bluebonnet Nutrition, Canine Matrix, Fungi Perfecti, Goli Nutrition, Heather's Tummy Care, Metabolic Maintenance, Dr. Mercola, Motherlove, BioSil, NeuroScience, Navage, Vital Nutrients, Solgar, Natural Factors, Pixi Beauty.

Excluded Items:

Occasionally, we will need to exclude a set of products due to reasons that include but are not limited to temperature sensitivity, regional restrictions or requested by Brand. For a full list of products excluded from promotions, click here.

Rewards Discount Terms & Exclusions